Maids Moreton Parish Council has agreed to try and encourage wildlife in our verges around the village, creating Biodiversity Corridors.

Road verges are home to many familiar wildflowers that are now becoming threatened, such as harebell, field scabious and ragged-Robin. With over 97% of wildflower meadows destroyed since the 1930s, road verges are a vital refuge for bees, butterflies, birds, bats, and bugs.

A good verge will supply a diverse source of nectar and pollen for over 130 species of invertebrate.

There are two key factors in maintaining flower rich verges:

Reduce Cutting

Plantlife’s Every Flower Counts survey has shown a reduced rate of cutting allows short-grass plants to flower abundantly between the cuts, and the plants themselves survive and continue growing.


The grass cuttings are removed from the site. Collecting the thatch of decaying grass removes nutrients and, over time, allows more wildflowers to thrive and less vigorous grass to dominate.

As part of this scheme, we have agreed that the following areas have been designated as part of our Biodiversity Corridor. This will also be included in our Neighbourhood Plan.

1. Scotts Lane to be managed by the Maids Moreton Conservation Group.

2. Land outside the Rugby Club both sides of the road

3. Land outside Meadowbank

4. Land outside Fayrefield in front of Leylandi trees

5. Land outside the Maids Moreton Vets.

During the summer months these verges will only have a mowers width strip on the roadside and any adjoining footpaths cut for visibility. The remaining area will be allowed to seed naturally for the benefit of invertebrates and insects. At the start and end of each grass cutting season these areas will be mown and the grass cuttings removed to encourage wildflowers to regenerate naturally.

Over the last few years it has been found that this method of managing verges has enabled wildlife to thrive and for wildflowers to return, all of which are needed to assist the survival of many of our indigenous wildlife species.

Should you require any further information please feel free to either attend one of our Parish Council meetings or email the Parish Clerk on