Each year the Parish Council agree a budget for spending for the following year.  

This will take into account all of the duties they perform, such as maintenance of the village and village assets, provision of streetlighting, provision of bins for general and dog waste, and verge and green space maintenance.

They must also decide what larger projects, if any, they need, or would like, to undertake, and must budget for this accordingly.

Once a budget has been agreed, an amount is agreed as a "Precept".  A Precept is the amount of money that a Parish Council collects from the residents of the parish in order to pay for the budget that has been agreed.  This is not the only income that Maids Moreton Parish receive.  Income from The Maids Moreton Scouts, Maids Moreton Cricket Club and Buckingham Rugby Club is collected and added to the receipts to contribute to the running of their respective buildings or playing field.

Any grants that are received by the Parish Council have zero impact on the budget as they are both received and spent in the allocated timeframe.

Once agreed, the Precept request is sent to Buckinghamshire Council and collected as part of residents Council Tax.

When considering the budget for 2021/22, Maids Moreton Parish Council were aware of how CoronaVirus has impacted many homes in the parish.  We wanted to ensure that there was no significant increased pressure on residents.  For this reason our aim was to keep the Precept with a 0% increase.

Due to the way the Precept is calculated, this actually means the Parish Council's total Precept has reduced from last year, but the amount collected from each household has remained the same as in 2020/21.

We have several projects lined up for this year, including some much needed maintenance to our buildings, The Scout Hut and The Cricket Pavilion.  It is hoped that by renting out the Cricket Pavilion to a commercial body we can increase our income and this will in turn help to pay for the refurbishments that are needed.  We are in negotiations with a potential commercial tenant and will keep you posted.  The Cricket Club will have their use agreed and will continue to reside at the Cricket Pavilion.

The Scout Hut is in need of a new boiler and refurbished toilets.  We are in the process of re-negotiation the agreement for this building with Maids Moreton Scouts and once again will keep you posted.  It is hoped that this can be made a more community centred building.

We successfully applied for a grant from the Buckingham and Surrounding Villages Community Board to clear some areas of bramble around the playing field and this work will hopefully start in the very near future.

We are in the process of applying for grant monies to refurbish the playground.  We have a survey running until March 31st 2021 to ensure that local opinion is taken into account during this process.

We also have a 5 year plan in consultation to ensure the village residents are included in the decision making process of how we run Maids Moreton as a Parish.  The budget for 2021/22 can be found below and if you wish to fill in either of the surveys, please click on the link which can also be found below.